P1318: English Open G6-8

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P1318: English Open G6-8

Free Open Class

The Schedule: PST 16:00:00-16:45:00
Next Class Date: 2022-09-22
Sessions: 1
Seats Available: 20
Location: Wendu-JL Classrooms

Provided By: Wendu-JL

English Grade 6-8:

精品定制的写作班 已经成功开设 12年. 该课程每周一次共 32 课时, 学生将学习中学阶段大纲涉及的所有写作类型 从基础语句到撰写段落 、 论文以及生活类写作例如电子邮件 信函等 。

Jasmine 老师拥有 UBC 英语专业学士学位。
Jasmine 老师上课充满激情,活力。
学生反馈很好,续课率100%。 是我们学校年轻但教学经验丰富的优秀全职老师。

Tuition Policy

Please pay the tuition fee within two weeks before the start of the semester to ensure the student’s seat in the class

  • Group tuition fees are charged on a semester basis, normally 15-18 sessions, 1.5 - 2 hours per session
  • For credit card payment, an extra fee, about 3.5% of the total tuition, will be charged by the credit card comany

Students are not allowed to cancel the course without agreement from the School.

  • One-to-one course: If you cancel the course for special reasons, please take at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the course fee will be charged. If you request a refund within one week of the course, you can refund 90%. No refund will be given after one week.
  • Group lessons: One week after the start of the semester, no refunds will be given for group lessons.
  • Due to school reasons, the cancellation of the course will be fully refunded.
  • If the course is cancelled due to a teacher's illness or weather, the course will be postponed collectively. If you need to make up another course, the course must be a course that is currently underway.

Leave Request Policy

  1. One-on-one class can take up to 5 times per semester. Group classes can take up to 3 times. Otherwise, students will be automatically withdrawn from school
  2. If you need to take a one-on-one lesson for more than one month, please inform the front desk at least two weeks in advance so that we can keep your seat

Please note:

  • We will only retain your seat after you have paid the tuition fee.
  • Parents agree that Wendu Education uses student photos in promotional flyers and school website.

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