Wendu Education and Runde Economic and Technology Collaboration

Wendu Canada provides Farm Labor Recruiting And Training Services to farms in Canada, in collaboration with Wendu’s business partner, Runde Economic and Technology.

About Runde Economic and Technology

Runde is a business alliance of Wendu, and has been providing farming labor solutions to Japanese agriculture associations for over 20 years. Runde has fully functional training and recruiting facilities and sourcing channels in both China and Indonesia, and has always been focusing on meeting global agricultural labor needs. Wendu has established a collaboration withRunde in providing consulting services and farming labor solutions to Canada.

Runde has established recruiting channels in rural areas in Hubei, Sichuan, Henan provinces of China and centralBali island in Indonesia, home to millions of farming youths.

Below are various steps on how Runde recruit and train a potential foreign worker

  1. Initial selection (background, experience, health)
  2. Interview with employer (in person or via Skype)
  3. Language training, preparation and physical training
  4. Visa applications and dispatching

Wendu Canada will act as Runde’s agent in Canada and will be the main point of contact for employers throughout the recruiting process, with below value added services for farming business:

  1. assessment of the client company’s farming staffing requirements
  2. Perform an in-depth first interview with potential candidates for initial selections
  3. Present to the employer a portfolio of qualified candidates
  4. Arrange interviews either in person, or via video conference.
  5. Represent employers to apply LMIAs for TFW
  6. Pick up the candidates when they arrive, initial short term preparation/training
  7. Facilitating settling down and continual liaison and consulting services

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