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P825: Advanced Vocabulary Course

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P825: Advanced Vocabulary Course

The Price: $ 720.00

The Schedule: Whenever you are available
Class Date: Weekdays
Sessions: 1 Year
Seats Available: 53
Location: All Sites Classrooms

Provided By: All Sites

English academic vocabulary is essential to any English academic exams, such as SSAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, KET and so on. This program is designed by the experienced education experts in those English exams, divided into 34 levels under 7 categories, covering all the vocabulary prepared for those exams:


- Entry Levels: 1 - 5
- Basic Levels: 6 - 10
- Essential Levels: 11 - 15
- Progress Levels: 16 - 20
- Challenge Levels: 21- 25
- Advanced Levels: 26 - 30
- Elite Levels: 31 - 34

- 入门级:1 - 5
- 基础级:6 - 10
- 坚实级:11 - 15
- 精进级:16 - 20
- 挑战级:21 - 25
- 高等级:26 - 30
- 精英级:31 - 34

We prepare the homework, quiz and assessment report tailored for each student. As long as the student follows the process, spending less than 30 minutes everyday, you will be amazed in finding how much you will achieved within a year.


This course is one-year long for a term. In details, once a student is registered into this course:
- The student will be assigned the Vocabulary Assessment
- After the student completes the assessment quiz, the subscriber will be rated into 1 of the 34 levels of this program.
- Every weekday, from Monday to Friday, the student will be assigned homework with some selected vocabulary words, based on the subscriber's level, to perform listening, speaking, reading and writing practice and quiz.
- On Saturday, a quiz will be assigned with the vocabulary learned for the week.
- On Sunday, a tailored weekly report card will be generated for the week.
- At the end of each daily homework, there will be a crossword puzzle to challenge you! Learning is not boring :)

- 将为学生分配词汇量评估
- 学生完成评估测验后,学生将被评定为该程序的34个等级之一。
- 每个工作日,从星期一到星期五,将根据学生的水平为学生分配一些选定词汇的作业,进行听,说,读,写的训练,并有小测验。
- 每星期六,测验将分配给本周学习的词汇。
- 每星期日,将为该学生提供量身定制的每周进展评估报告。
- 每天的作业完成后,会有一个字谜游戏挑战学生!学习不再枯燥 :)

In the past 10+ years, most of the students from our learning centers, including the ones who were accepted by the Ivy League Universities, have gone through this program as the main part of their preparation for the English exams.


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Tuition Policy

Please pay the tuition fee within two weeks before the start of the semester to ensure the student’s seat in the class

  • Group tuition fees are charged on a semester basis, normally 15-18 sessions, 1.5 - 2 hours per session
  • For credit card payment, an extra fee, about 3.5% of the total tuition, will be charged by the credit card comany

Students are not allowed to cancel the course without agreement from the School.

  • One-to-one course: If you cancel the course for special reasons, please take at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the course fee will be charged. If you request a refund within one week of the course, you can refund 90%. No refund will be given after one week.
  • Group lessons: One week after the start of the semester, no refunds will be given for group lessons.
  • Due to school reasons, the cancellation of the course will be fully refunded.
  • If the course is cancelled due to a teacher's illness or weather, the course will be postponed collectively. If you need to make up another course, the course must be a course that is currently underway.

Leave Request Policy

  1. One-on-one class can take up to 5 times per semester. Group classes can take up to 3 times. Otherwise, students will be automatically withdrawn from school
  2. If you need to take a one-on-one lesson for more than one month, please inform the front desk at least two weeks in advance so that we can keep your seat

Please note:

  • We will only retain your seat after you have paid the tuition fee.
  • Parents agree that Wendu Education uses student photos in promotional flyers and school website.

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